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New Film “Wassup America?!” Jump Starts Movement to Create Jobs | NEVADA FILM ALLIANCE INC.

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New Film “Wassup America?!”Jump Starts Movement to Create Jobs

Feature film project takes a look at unemployment in America and proves Life can imitate Art when filmmaker Marko Sakren breaks through the fourth wall to provide solutions for those seeking work.

Las Vegas, Nevada – October 1, 2012 – The number one priority for our nation is improving the employment situation for millions of Americans. An independent feature documentary is filming in the Las Vegas area, fromOctober 1 through November 10, addressing that very issue. Produced by Marko Sakren, Ron Greenwood and Catherine Kersey of the Nevada Film Alliance, in association with Glenbrook Studios®, the movie is designed as an entertaining catalyst for putting Americans back to work. The strategy involves actual events, the first of which takes place Thursday, November 8th, at the Red Rock Resort Conference Center in Summerlin.

“Wassup America?!” is both a movie AND a movement, the latter manifested in series of Show Up For Work™ events where businesses get created under professional guidance, tapping the experience, talents, skills and resources from the unemployed in Las Vegas (for starters) and around the country (for the movie’s sequel).

The basic concept of the first film focuses on the pursuits of an independent filmmaker who follows the lives of several people who are out of work, as he tries to find new ways to help them gain employment. Their stories are introduced and supported through an online TV Talk Show called “Wassup America?” (where the movie gets its title), co-hosted by Sara Gabriella and Leland Smith. The hosts join forces with the filmmaker, Marko Sakren, and his special guests on an action-adventure, job-seeking journey. While these real life examples of the unemployed go about their daily struggle to find work, expert segments are inserted that illustrate what it takes to get over the fears and anxieties of competing for a job in today’s tough market.

“Once it’s completed, we’ll be working hard to get this film to audiences across the country,” explains Marko Sakren, Executive Producer, Producer and Co-Director, “We want this film to raise enough money to fully fund the sequel, where we launch Show Up For Work™ events throughout the USA, hiring many people. We’re also pleased to offer this production as a learning experience for students of cinematic storytelling, and other disciplines, through Glenbrook Studios® Destination:FilmFest™ and Nevada Film Alliance™ (NFA) outreach.” Students working on the project are: Camera Operator and Director of Photography, David Levy (CSN); Directorial Consultant, Michael Zayas (UNLV); Co-Director and First Assistant Director, Dertrez Pressley; and Camera & Production Assistant, David Sheppard (WestTech Magnet School).

Both the movie and the event are produced through the Nevada Film Alliance Inc., in association with Glenbrook Studios Inc., which is donating time, resources, expertise, and industry connections to the endeavor.

The first Show Up For Work™ event takes place on Thursday, November 8, 2012, from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, in 5th Floor Conference Center at Red Rock Casino/Resort, 11011 W. Charleston Blvd., Las Vegas NV 89135.

FREE ADMISSION! No pre-registration required! Just show up in business attire with resume or CV.

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