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  1. After Inquiry Into Cast, ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Will Resume Taping
    The inquiry, into an allegation of sexual misconduct, did not turn up evidence of wrongdoing, said Warner Bros., the studio behind the show.
  2. Our Fall From ‘Bachelor in Paradise’
    If something bad happened on the set, viewers are complicit too.
  3. ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Cast Sent Home Over Sexual Misconduct Allegations
    Production of the ABC reality show was suspended last week pending an inquiry into accusations of inappropriate sexual behavior on the set in Mexico.
  4. Zack Snyder to Step Away From ‘Justice League’ After Daughter’s Suicide
    The director said he was stepping back “to be with my family, be with my kids, who really need me.” Joss Whedon will take over for Mr. Snyder.
  5. Movie Ticket Sales Sagging? Time to Bring Out the Toys
    With DVDs fast becoming relics and box-office numbers stagnating, movie studios are looking to toys and other licensed products to raise revenue.
  6. Pricey ‘King Arthur’ Is a Box Office Pauper
    Warner Bros. gambled $300 million on “King Arthur: Legend of the Sword,” which bombed with $14.7 million in initial ticket sales.
  7. Boomerang and Crunchyroll: Of Old Cartoons and Fresh Anime
    As a reliable purveyor of Looney Tunes, Boomerang has appeal for families; Crunchyroll’s offerings run from anime to current Japanese television shows.
  8. Can Gal Gadot Make Wonder Woman a Hero for Our Time?
    This summer entry from the DC Comics movie franchise will test fan interest in a female superhero.
  9. Five Studios’ Mission: Winning the Distribution Rights to James Bond
    Sony, whose contract to market and distribute the films expired in 2015, gave its presentation on a recreated set from “Dr. No.”
  10. ‘Matrix’ Reboot Said to Be in the Works, With Keanu Reeves as a Maybe
    Questions remain over the possible film sequel, The Hollywood Reporter said, including whether the franchise’s creators, the Wachowski siblings, would participate.
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