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  1. ‘Justice League’ a Disappointing No. 1 as ‘Wonder’ Surprises
    “Justice League” was easily best at the box office this weekend. But ticket sales of $96 million were less than expected, especially for such a costly film.
  2. ‘Blade Runner 2049’ Sputters at the Domestic Box Office
    Despite euphoric reviews, Denis Villeneuve’s science-fiction sequel did not attract younger audiences and women in sizable numbers.
  3. ‘Lego Ninjago’ Fizzles, Leaving ‘Kingsman’ Sequel a Soft No. 1
    “Kingsman: The Golden Circle” collected $39 million in North America, a bit less than expected. “Ninjago” marked a new low for the Lego movie series.
  4. The Visionaries Behind the Memorable Worlds of Film
    In our image-obsessed culture, it’s production designers who shape our collective visual language.
  5. ‘It’ Breaks September Records, Supercharging the Box Office
    The Stephen King adaptation arrived to $117.2 million in weekend ticket sales in North America, smashing predictions and ending an alarming Hollywood slump.
  6. In ‘Lord of the Flies’ Remake, Girls Survive Instead
    The planned film, based on a 1954 novel, will be written and directed by two men, inflaming skepticism of the concept.
  7. David Thomson’s ‘Warner Bros,’ a History of the Studio and the Family
    Was Jack Warner more important than the people who directed his movies? A famous film critic weighs in.
  8. For Warner Bros., a ‘Cinematic Universe’ Built of Lego Bricks
    The stakes are high for Warner Bros. and Lego ahead of their third movie together, as they strive to maintain the success of their earlier films.
  9. At Comic-Con, Ben Affleck Says He Will Continue to Play Batman
    The actor rebutted an article saying that his days as the Caped Crusader were numbered.
  10. Prince Estate’s $31 Million Distribution Deal Is Rescinded
    A Minnesota judge’s decision means the Universal Music Group’s money must be refunded and a new buyer found for rights to much of the star’s catalog.
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