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  1. Red Flags Among the Roses. What Will Happen on ‘The Bachelorette’?
    Reality-TV shows do background checks on their contestants, but sometimes they miss important red flags.
  2. ‘Bachelorette’ Contestant Was Convicted in 2016 Groping Case
    Lincoln Adim, one of the male suitors competing this season, pleaded guilty to assaulting a woman, raising questions about vetting procedures on the ABC show.
  3. Prolific TV Producer Greg Berlanti Extends Deal With Warner Bros.
    Mr. Berlanti, the executive producer of “Riverdale,” “Blindspot” and “Arrow,” among other shows, was thought to be a prime candidate to potentially jump to Netflix.
  4. Dolly Parton Songs to See New Life in Netflix Adaptations
    Ms. Parton has signed an eight-episode deal with Netflix to adapt her classic songs into narrative films.
  5. She Went to Interview Morgan Freeman. Her Story Became Much Bigger.
    After Mr. Freeman spoke to a CNN reporter, Chloe Melas, in a way she considered inappropriate, she tracked down other women who said the actor had mistreated them.
  6. Morgan Freeman Is Accused of Sexual Harassment by Several Women
    The women told CNN that he inappropriately touched or spoke to them on set, during publicity events and at his production company. He issued an apology.
  7. Reality TV Kingpin Mike Darnell Wants One More Hit
    But it’s not as easy as it used to be. “The viewer is desensitized,” Mr. Darnell says. “It’s much, much, much harder to get people’s attention.”
  8. Christopher Nolan’s Version of Vinyl: Unrestoring ‘2001’
    The director turned back the clock with a version of the epic that removes previous efforts to clean it up. The idea is to watch the film as it was in 1968.
  9. Lee Holley, Cartoonist of Teenage Life in ‘Ponytail,’ Dies at 85
    He was helping with “Dennis the Menace” when he created “Ponytail,” about a spirited girl in a postwar suburban world of boys, burgers and phone chats.
  10. ‘Tag’ Trailer Pits Jeremy Renner Against Jon Hamm and Friends
    The comedy, based on the true story of friends who played the game long into adulthood, also stars Ed Helms, Hannibal Buress, Isla Fisher and Rashida Jones.
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