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  1. The Week in Movie News: Here's What You Need to Know
    Need a quick recap on the past week in movie news? Here are the highlights:   BIG NEWS Linda Hamilton returns for Terminator 6: Linda Hamilton hasn't really been a part of the Terminator franchise since Terminator 2: Judgment Day 26 years ago, but she's finally reprising her role as Sarah Connor again for the next installment, which will be produced by James Cameron. Read more on the movie here.   GREAT NEWS Taika Waititi might direct Akira: His upcoming Marvel movie, Thor: Ragnarok, is going to be one of the biggest and most fun movies of the year, and now director Taika Waititi is already seeing more blockbuster projects on the horizon. Warner Bros. is negotiating with him for the live-action...
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  2. Today in Movie Culture: 'IT' Opening Redone in Lego, How Movies Get Smart People All Wrong and More
    Here are a bunch of little bites to satisfy your hunger for movie culture:   Redone Scene of the Day: We've already seen Lego remakes of the IT trailer and the projector scene, so here's another recreating the opening sequence:   Video Essay of the Day: Cracked lists five things that Hollywood gets wrong about smart people, such as characters in Good Will Hunting and The Social Network:   Poster Homage of the Day: This week's official Stranger Things nostalgia-influenced posters pays tribute to The Goonies: Join the adventure. #StrangerThursdays begins now. — Stranger Things (@Stranger_Things) September 21, 2017     Movie Science of the...
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  3. Comics on Film: Taking Another Crack at the X-Men's Phoenix
    As the longest-running single superhero movie series in the modern era of the genre that's gone without a full-on reboot, the X-Men film series is one of the strangest narrative beasts in current movie theaters. From 2000-2012, every X-Men movie released in that period of time shared a single continuity that, at times, didn't seem like it concerned itself with much. Next November, the series is set to make a return in the form of X-Men: Dark Phoenix, a film that acts as a direct sequel to the events of last year's X-Men: Apocalypse. The title likely holds a special meaning for comic book fans, signifying that the film will be taking a crack at the timeless and beloved story, "The Dark Phoenix Saga," written by Chris Claremont...
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  4. New Movie Posters: 'Tomb Raider,' 'Thor: Ragnarok,' 'Jigsaw' and More
  5. Trailer Buzz: Wes Anderson's 'Isle of Dogs,' James Corden is 'Peter Rabbit' and an 'Earth' Sequel
    Here's a trailer roundup focused on upcoming movies about animals:   Isle of Dogs Wes Anderson's next stop-motion animated feature, Isle of Dogs, follows a pack of canine characters as they're banished to an island of trash. Bryan Cranston voices their leader, Chief, while Bill Murray, Edward Norton, Jeff Goldblum and Bob Balaban play the rest of the main group, who help a young Japanese boy (Koyu Rankin) search for his missing pup. The dystopian sci-fi movie features an even bigger star-studded voice cast, including Tilda Swinton, Scarlett Johansson, Frances McDormand and Greta Gerwig, and now has a very funny, very Wes Anderson-y trailer with its showcase of obscure '60s psychedelic group The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band on the...
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  6. Movie News: More 'Unbreakable' Stars Return for 'Glass'; Tom Hanks Stars in Remake of Oscar Nominee
    Glass: Spencer Treat Clark, the former child actor who played Bruce Willis's son in Unbreakable, will reprise his role in M. Night Shyamalan's sequel, Glass. Fortunately, the now nearly 30-year-old actor has kept in the business, most recently appearing as a regular on the series Animal Kingdom. Charlayne Woodard will also be reprising her Unbreakable part as the mother of Elijah "Glass" Price (Samuel L. Jackson). [THR] A Man Called Ove: Another of last year's foreign-language Oscar nominees is being remade. Joining the Jack Nicholson-led Toni Erdmann now is a Tom Hanks-led version of A Man Called Ove, about a grumpy old man and the friendship he forms with some new neighbors. Hanks will also produce the remake of...
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  7. Sequel Buzz: Zack Snyder Moves On From 'Justice League,' Sylvester Stallone Shares 'Escape Plan 3' Update
    Will Zack Snyder direct Justice League 2? Zack Snyder is back from his work hiatus with a new short film, but he says he's not returning to Justice League following his personal departure earlier this year. "I’m at a place where I feel excited about it and I’m happy for my guys and I love these people that are working on it, and they’re my family and I think they’re doing an amazing job," he told Wired, "but I’ve kind of just let them do their thing." It's unclear if he'll be involved with the DCEU going forward, however. Many are speculating that he'll remain as a relatively hands off executive producer but won't direct Justice League 2 or Man of Steel 2 or any other future...
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  8. Fantastic Fest 2017 Preview: 'The Square,' 'Five Fingers For Marseilles,' 'Anna and the Apocalypse' and More
    Known as a launch pad for fright flicks, sci-fi adventures, thrillers, intense dramas and all types of weird comedies from the U.S. and abroad, Fantastic Fest kicks off tonight in Austin, Texas. Here's a preview of what's on tap.   The Wild, the West, the Women, the Rap Battle Let's start with several international stunners that we have seen and can recommend highly.   The Square Visually striking and profoundly unsettling, The Square is an act of provocation masquerading as an art house drama. Christian is a museum curator in Sweden who is preoccupied with preparing a new exhibition of modern art. One morning he loses his watch, wallet and cufflinks, which leads him on a wild pursuit to retrieve his possessions. Instead, events soon spiral out of...
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  9. 'Star Wars' Buzz: See Ron Howard's Han Solo Images
    Back in June, we heard that there had been a changing of the guard in the world of new Star Wars movies. Directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller left the Han Solo spin-off movie and were replaced by Ron Howard. Actor turned filmmaker Howard directed his first movie, Grand Theft Auto, 40 years ago and he's helmed more than three dozen titles since then. Even though he's a member of an older generation than Lord and Miller, Howard has been quite adept at using social media to keep his fans apprised of his current productions for some time now. After he started his latest job, Howard shared a photo of young Chewbacca, teased the Galactic Empire and shared on-set photos of actors Donald Glover and Paul Bettany. Frankly, however, that's only the tip of the...
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  10. Movie News: Gal Gadot Touted for Bradley Cooper's 'Deeper'; New 'New Mutants' Premise Details Revealed
    Deeper: Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman, above) is in early talks to join Deeper. Bradley Cooper is already set to star as a disgraced former astronaut who ends up in a fight with mysterious forces in a very deep, newly-discovered oceanic trench. Max Landis (American Ultra) wrote the original script and Kornel Mundruczo (White God) will direct. [Deadline]   New Mutants: In a new interview, 20th Century Fox chairman and CEO Stacey Snider (above) compares X-Men spin-off movie New Mutants to both The Breakfast Club and One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest: "It’s like watching mutants go through adolescence and they have no impulse control, so they’re dangerous. The only solution is to put them in a Breakfast Club detention / Cuckoo’s Nest institutional...
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