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  1. 'Deadpool 2' Star Zazie Beetz Shares Moving Statement on Tragic On-Set Accident

    FOX And FX's 2017 Golden Globe Awards After Party - ArrivalsFollowing the death of a "Deadpool 2" stuntwoman on Monday, Zazie Beetz has responded to the tragedy.

    The actress, who plays Domino, posted a handwritten message on Instagram on Thursday in honor of Joi "SJ" Harris, the stunt person who died in the deadly on-set accident. Beetz's response was delayed, she indicated, because she struggled to find the right words. What she ultimately came up with, though, was a meaningful and moving post.

    "On Monday we tragically lost on of our own -- Joi SJ Harris," she wrote. "My heart has been breaking the past two days and I have been searching what to say or do. I know that what I feel is nothing compared to what her loved ones, friends [and] family, are feeling. My heart and my love goes out to her and them all. The cast and crew send peace, healing, and their deepest condolences."

    A post shared by Zazie (@zaziebeetz) on

    Harris was Beetz's stunt double, according to Deadline, so we imagine Beetz may have been particularly affected by the loss. She wasn't the only cast member to speak out, though. Ryan Reynolds issued a statement Monday, saying they were "heartbroken, shocked and devastated," and also acknowledged how difficult this is for Harris's loved ones.

    Production was halted until Wednesday, and then resumed after the cast and crew held a moment of silence to pay tribute to Harris.

    "Deadpool 2" is still on track to open June 1, 2018.

  2. Obi-Wan Kenobi Spinoff Tweets Show Star Wars Fans Are Freaking Out

    Disney is handing out Star Wars spinoffs these days like Oprah does cars, and fans couldn't be happier.

    After reports came Thursday that an Obi-Wan Kenobi spinoff was in the works, Twitter quickly became the place for Star Wars fans to express their enthusiasm. Many fired off joyful messages, letting the studio know that yes, this project a great idea. In case there was any question, the fan base is definitely ready for another look at the late Jedi's life.

    Notably, some Star Wars fans' excitement did come with one caveat: They want Ewan MacGregor back. The actor played the robed character in the prequel trilogy, taking on a role that Sir Alec Guiness filled in the original films. We don't know yet if their dream will come true, as a script has not yet been written and therefore no actor is attached.

    In the meantime, there is plenty of excitement on Twitter to bask in.

    The working title of the Obi-Wan Kenobi movie is "Shut Up And Take My Money" #StarWars

    — Charlie Schneider (@AwesomEmergency) August 17, 2017

    Waiting to see if the Obi-Wan Kenobi movie is 100% confirmed...

    — Star Wars Explained (@StarWarsExplain) August 17, 2017

    New Obi-Wan Kenobi movie, huh? 🤔

    — Funko (@OriginalFunko) August 17, 2017

    F*cking Obi-Wan Kenobi Movie. WE DID IT #StarWars FAM!

    — Charlie Schneider (@AwesomEmergency) August 17, 2017

    RT if you're excited!

    — TheSuperheroBulletin (@TheSHBulletin) August 17, 2017

    BREAKING: An early title has been leaked for the Obi-Wan Kenobi spinoff film recently announced to be in development.

    — Ryan Coomes (@chryco4) August 17, 2017

    @Matt_Atkins33 about fucking time!!!!

    — Bains (@nufcmains) August 17, 2017

    an obi-wan movie is in the works y'all mind if i-

    — olga 🌹 (@starksnjh) August 17, 2017

    I'm more interested in an Obi-Wan movie than a Han Solo movie.

    — ᴀᴅᴀᴍ sᴛᴀʙᴇʟʟɪ (@a_stabelli) August 17, 2017

    The MacGregor-supporting crowd made their voices heard, too.

    An Obi-Wan movie is happening? Get Ewan on board, or might as well start the hashtag #NotMyKenobi right now.

    — Jeremy Jahns (@JeremyJahns) August 17, 2017

    If they don't cast Ewan McGregor for the Obi-Wan Kenobi movie, I will be so mad. And honestly, I might cry a little.

    — Wendy (@lifeinpixels_) August 17, 2017

    Like, there is no possible way that this Obi-Wan movie does NOT have Ewan McGregor - right?

    — James Viscardi (@JimViscardi) August 17, 2017

    Happy as most people tweeting about the news are, some did have complaints -- just not enough to drown out the cheers.

    The Obi-Wan Kenobi movie - Because Disney will not stop until they've bled every Star Wars property dry

    — Roman Marley (@Roman_RNS) August 17, 2017

    We'll keep you updated as more information is revealed.

    [via: Twitter]

  3. 'It' Could Scare Up $50 Million on Opening Weekend

    Hollywood's prospects at the box office this summer have been downright scary, with the industry seeing a more than 4 percent slump in receipts compared to 2016. But studio Warner Bros. is hoping to scare up some big numbers when Stephen King adaptation "It" hits theaters next month, and is already predicting a huge opening weekend for the horror flick.

    Variety reports that early tracking for the feature is currently sitting around $50 million, and that has a lot to do with its pedigree. "It" is one of King's most famous and most beloved novels, and the buzz around the flick has been deafening, with the trailer snagging almost 200 million views in its first 24 hours of release.

    While the adaptation was initially beset by production woes (original director Cary Fukunaga abruptly departed the project due to creative differences, and the flick was briefly put on hold before a replacement was found), it quickly got back on track with director Andres Muschietti. Filmmakers have been teasing out some truly terrifying details about the flick, and fans seem eager to finally see Pennywise on the big screen (especially after the cheesy "It" TV miniseries, starring Tim Curry as the evil clown, failed to truly please King devotees).

    Some insiders tell Variety that $50 million may be a bit of a high estimate for "It," with a haul in the $40 million range more likely. But the trade reports that "all signs are that 'It/ will be a major hit ... and should kick off the fall moviegoing season on a high note." King fans can raise a red balloon to that.

    "It" hits theaters on September 8.

    [via: Variety]

  4. A 'Star Wars' Spinoff About Obi-Wan Kenobi Is in the Works: Report

    obi-wan kenobi, star warsThe Force is reportedly still strong with Obi-Wan Kenobi, with the Jedi master set to be the next subject of a standalone "Star Wars" spinoff flick.

    That's the word from The Hollywood Reporter, which is saying that Obi-Wan -- played by the late Sir Alec Guinness in the original trilogy, and Ewan McGregor in the prequel flicks -- is the next character from the "Star Wars" universe set to star in his own movie. Han Solo is currently getting the spinoff treatment, with Ron Howard recently taking over directing duties on the as-yet-untitled flick.

    According to THR, a director has already been singled out for the Kenobi gig, with Oscar nominee Stephen Daldry ("The Reader," "The Hours," "Billy Elliot") in early talks to take the job. Currently, the project doesn't have a script, though if Daldry does indeed sign on, THR says that he will be instrumental in helping Disney and Lucasfilm shape the story and the film's development.

    It's unclear at this point if McGregor would reprise the role; he's been quite vocal in the past about his desire to play the character again, and has said he wants to headline a standalone film. But THR's story stresses several times that "since there is no script, no actor is attached."

    While he's certainly an iconic character, Obi-Wan does seem like an odd choice for a standalone flick, since he's already been featured so prominently in the franchise. While he was killed off in the first "Star Wars" flick, he still stuck around for some key moments in the other two installments of the original trilogy, and was one of the main stars of all three prequels, filling in a lot of his background already.

    Presumably, this standalone would have to take place either between "Revenge of the Sith" and "A New Hope," or back before the events of "The Phantom Menace." The pre-"A New Hope" territory has already been covered on the big screen by last year's spinoff "Rogue One," though an exploration of the life of Tatooine recluse Ben Kenobi, before he meets Luke Skywalker, could be an interesting angle.

    We'll have to see which direction filmmakers follow. Stay tuned for more details as they become available.

    [via: The Hollywood Reporter]

  5. Jamie Bell Was 'Bitterly Disappointed' by 'Fantastic Four,' Too

    Dior Homme : Front Row  - Paris Fashion Week - Menswear Spring/Summer 2018Two years after the "Fantastic Four" reboot famously flamed out with both fans and critics, star Jamie Bell is reflecting on what went wrong -- and says that he really was really disappointed with the flick, too.

    In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Bell chatted about his role as Ben Grimm, a.k.a. The Thing, and admitted that he still doesn't really understand how the film got so far off track. Reports from the time alleged that director Josh Trank basically lost his mind while shooting, trying to control every aspect of his actors' performances down to their blinking, and pushing for a moody tone that the source material didn't support. The production was reportedly further derailed when studio 20th Century Fox stepped in to change the story, turning what mess Trank already had into something even more incoherent.

    While Bell didn't discuss any of those alleged events specifically, you can read between the lines of his diplomatic comments to gather that he wasn't exactly happy with how the production went, either. Here's what he told LAT:

    There were several things on that movie I was clearly not privy to because I'm just an actor and I just do my stuff on set. But with something like that, everything starts with the best of intentions. A production begins with the idea to make something that's unique and original and with integrity. I think the film really strived towards those goals. I don't know what happened between the launch of the voyage and the arrival. I think we were all bitterly disappointed with that film. But that's just the way it goes sometimes.

    That "bitterly disappointed" line is a little heartbreaking, especially since it seems like the actor had such high hopes for the project . At least Bell and costar Kate Mara, who tied the knot earlier this summer, were able to find love in the midst of making a bad movie. Guess there's a bright side to everything.

    [via: Los Angeles Times]

  6. 'Drop Dead Gorgeous' Is Worth Watching for One Performance: Podcast

    Drop Dead GorgeousWho knew the Minnesota beauty pageant circuit could be so deadly?

    This week, the "Second Run" squad set their sights on the very dark 1999 mockumentary "Drop Dead Gorgeous," which boasts an all-star cast that includes Kirstie Alley, Ellen Barkin, Denise Richards, Alison Janney, Kirsten Dunst, and ... wait for it ... Amy Adams. Topics discussed include how amazing Alison Janney is (seriously, it's worth watching just to see her steal the entire movie), the insulting/condescending nature of small-town comedy, and all of the racist jokes that just wouldn't fly in 2017.

    Tune in next time, when we explore the magic and majesty of Tony's pick, 1991's "The Rocketeer," starring Billy Campbell, Jennifer Connelly, and Timothy Dalton.

    Listen to Second Run: A Movie Lover's Podcast Episode 28: 'Drop Dead Gorgeous' (1999)Total runtime: 45:12

    Subscribe to the "Second Run" podcast:

    Have thoughts/feelings/feedback about the podcast? Have a movie you really, really want us to watch and talk about? Hit us up on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with the hashtag #SECONDRUN.

    Second Run: A Movie Lover's Podcast by Moviefone celebrates Hollywood's guiltiest pleasures by taking a fresh look at critically ignored movies and giving them a second chance at life. Join Moviefone editors Tim Hayne, Rachel Horner, Phil Pirrello, and Tony Maccio as they extol the virtues and expose the failings (with love!) of our most nostalgic movies.

  7. Here's Your First Look at the 'Frozen' Broadway Musical

    The hotly-anticipated Broadway debut of Disney's "Frozen" is almost here, and now, fans of the hit animated feature have their first look at the live show's principal cast in costume.

    Entertainment Weekly debuted the image of the musical's main foursome, which features, from left to right, Hans (John Riddle), Anna (Patti Murin), Elsa (Caissie Levy), and Kristoff (Jelani Alladin) decked out in decadent costumes that look just as magical in real life as they do in animated form.

    frozen, musical, broadway, first look

    That attention to detail is one of the hallmarks of the production, according to director Michael Grandage, who spoke to EW about all the painstaking work the creative team put into taking "Frozen" from film to the stage. In addition to the more than 300 costumes created for the show, a number of new songs have been written, and the storyline has been fleshed out considerably to allow more time to explore what Grandage calls "a really highly emotional journey."

    One challenge the show had to figure out how to tackle effectively was the depiction of non-human characters Olaf and Sven. Thankfully, Disney already had experience in that department with its previous Broadway adaptations of "The Lion King" and "Beauty and the Beast," and will be using similar tricks to help bring those beloved sidekicks to life (a.k.a., a mixture of puppetry and live actors).

    Ultimately, Grandage explained to EW that the "Frozen" fans see on stage will be similar to what they already know and love -- but also an entirely distinctive, exciting live experience.

    "There are a number of immediate problems to solve when putting something like 'Frozen' on stage," he told the magazine, "but for every known 'big deal' in the narrative, we've come up with at least one to match that is going to be new for an audience."

    We can't wait to see how it all comes together. "Frozen" will debut in a test run in Denver beginning this week, before it bows on Broadway in February 2018.

    [via: Entertainment Weekly]

  8. Andrew Garfield & Emma Stone May Be Dating Again, and Fans Are Freaking Out

    "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" - World Premiere - Red Carpet ArrivalsGive love another round of CPR 'cause it might not be dead after all!

    The Internet is latching onto rumors that "The Amazing Spider-Man" couple Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone may have rekindled their romance after a two-year break. The exclusive is out of the U.K. tabloid The Sun, so that should probably give us pause, but fans are determined to find some silver lining in the universe, so if it has to come from anonymous sources, so be it!

    Here's part of The Sun's report:

    "Things are heating up again for the pair with US actress Emma making multiple trips to see him in his London production Angels In America.

    A source close to the actor said: "Andrew's feelings for Emma never softened and now they are growing close once again.

    She has seen the show several times and always goes backstage afterwards to see him.

    "They have even been sneaking out of the back door holding hands."

    The source added that Stone spent some time in the U.K. earlier this year to shoot her film "The Favourite," but made another trip to London when she reconnected with Garfield.

    "There is a lot of history between them but they are both so busy. At the moment they are just seeing what happens."

    Well, what's happening is Twitter is ecstatic at the idea of this beloved couple getting back together, especially after the heartbreak of Anna Faris and Chris Pratt separating:


    — Candela (@GiselleKendrick) August 17, 2017

    please let the emma stone and andrew garfield rumours be true

    — ariana (@concertmuke) August 17, 2017

    andrew garfield and emma stone supposedly got back together

    — a (@buterasdiva) August 17, 2017


    — tay loves the twins (@declinedolan) August 17, 2017

    — eraeraeraP (@eraeraeraR) August 17, 2017

    Pls be true

    — Chingona. (@Xxbookworm) August 17, 2017

    Don't play with me

    — Tati | 38 days (@MsLydiaStiles) August 17, 2017

    — TS6 may be coming 👀 (@mafi_silva3) August 17, 2017

    this is the best thing ive heard today phew

    — carla (@hangoutbutera) August 17, 2017

    y'all emma stone and andrew garfield are possibly back together come and preach that love is real

    — bianca (@watsnsemma) August 17, 2017

    can you believe andrew garfield and emma stone invented being in love? wow

    — nadia (@garfieIdstyles) August 17, 2017


    — G (@GinaElsonn) August 17, 2017

    I need this to be true!!!

    — Stonefield Source (@stonefieldESAG) August 16, 2017

    We don't want to get too excited, but -- concerning The Sun report -- the reliable LaineyGossip said, "For those of you who are still shipping these two, it's worth noting that Dan Wootton is the reporter who broke the story that Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn are dating so he has a solid track record."

    This is not a bad time to be Emma Stone in general. Not only is she maybe back together with the lovable Andrew Garfield, she's the reigning Best Actress Oscar winner, and "La La Land" is reportedly what pushed her over the edge to beat Jennifer Lawrence as the highest-paid actress in the world. (All she does is win, win, win, no matter what...)

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  9. 'Deadpool 2' Filming Resumes, Ryan Reynolds Holds Moment of Silence for Stunt Driver

    'Deadpool' Fan Event"Deadpool 2" went back to work August 16, two days after the death of stunt driver Joi "SJ" Harris in a Domino motorcycle stunt gone wrong, and new details are emerging about what happened.

    According to Deadline, a posted notice for production in Vancouver read, "Due to unforeseen circumstances, ['Deadpool 2'] was unable to complete its filming planned for August 14th and 15th" but filming was still scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday.

    TMZ posted video of star Ryan Reynolds leading the "Deadpool 2" team in a moment of silence for Harris before resuming filming.

    Ryan Reynolds Leads 'Deadpool 2' Crew in Moment of Silence After Stuntwoman Killed

    — TMZ (@TMZ) August 16, 2017

    Wednesday's downtown Vancouver filming included Deadpool himself shooting scenes on top of a flipped truck.

    Deadline reports that Harris was brought onto "Deadpool 2" just last Wednesday when they realized they needed a different stunt performer. She was performing a stunt as the Domino character in the film (played on screen by Zazie Beetz) when the motorcycle that she was driving went out of control and crashed. She had already done several successful takes and was not wearing a helmet when the accident happened. According to Deadline, "the previous stunt double did have a helmet outfitted to go under the Domino wig but because of the short notice of joining Fox's 'Deadpool 2,' Harris did not have time to get such a helmet made for her."

    Zazie Beetz posted a tribute to her stunt double:

    A post shared by Zazie (@zaziebeetz) on

    On Monday, Reynolds tweeted a statement that the "Deadpool 2" cast and crew were "heartbroken, shocked, and devastated" by the death of the stuntwoman.

    The British Columbia Coroners Service and WorkSafeBC are investigating what happened.

    "Deadpool 2" is still scheduled to open June 1, 2018.

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  10. 'Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2' Honest Trailer Struggles to Find a Tragic Marvel Death

    Chris Pratt swore that "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2" would be so good that everyone would get pregnant, but reviews suggested the film wasn't as virile as promised. There's another important measure, though: the Honest Trailers take.

    Screen Junkies has at last made a "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2" video for its popular satire series, and the superhero flick doesn't escape criticism. The video is quick to point out the movie's many jokes that didn't quite hit their mark. In fact, the narrator describes the jokes as not "as funny as the characters think they are," showing scene after scene of the superheroes laughing too uproariously.

    As for the plot itself, the video calls the movie "an episode of 'My Two Dads' in space." Another apt comparison is made to the Fast and Furious movies. As proof, the Honest Trailer includes several clips of the characters focusing on how their friends are actually family.

    Another highlight is when the death of Yondu Udonta (Michael Rooker) comes up. The narrator tries to come up with an equally tragic Marvel death and revisits the MCU's past. Let's just say there are a lot of characters who have died and come back.

    Watch the Honest Trailer video below.

  11. 'Justice League' Will Return to a 'Much More Traditional Batman,' Says Ben Affleck

    Comic book loyalists will be happy with Ben Affleck's comments on his character in "Justice League."

    After the moody, broody take we saw in "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice," the character will go in a more classical direction, according to the actor. He opened up to EW about the upcoming film and assured fans that the superhero will be back to his "heroic" self.

    "This is a much more traditional Batman," Affleck said. "He's heroic. He does things in his own way, but he wants to save people, help people."

    The actor admitted "Batman v Superman" was a departure from "the traditional Batman," noting that the Caped Crusader had a lot of rage after losing co-workers in the fight between Superman (Henry Cavill) and Zod (Michael Shannon). Moving forward, he'll apparently have put that fury behind him.

    "This is more the Batman you would find if you opened up your average Batman comic book," he said.

    Being less angry will probably be helpful for Batman in "Justice League." The character will have to cooperate with other superheroes in the film to save the world. His prospective allies include Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot), Ezra Miller (The Flash), Ray Fisher (Cyborg), and Jason Momoa (Aquaman).

    "He's put in this position of having to reach out, find other people, convincing them to do something," Affleck said of Batman. "Part of the drama of the movie is the question of whether or not the team is going to come together."

    In spite of a strong box office performance, "Batman v Superman" didn't score the greatest of reviews, so we'll see if having a more traditional Batman will help "Justice League." The film is due out Nov. 17.

    [via: EW]

  12. Ryan Reynolds, Samuel L. Jackson, and Selma Hayek Discuss the Art of Swearing in 'The Hitman's Bodyguard'

    When you go see "The Hitman's Bodyguard" (in theaters everywhere on Friday), you should know that you're going to get a lot of bullets, a lot of blood, and a lot of swearing. This is an action movie/buddy comedy in the classic mold of "Lethal Weapon" (or pretty much anything that Shane Black has ever written), which means that the F-bombs are dropped as often as the actual bombs. This is especially true since the cast includes actors uniquely skilled in the art of cursing, most notably Samuel L. Jackson, Ryan Reynolds and Salma Hayek. So when we sat down with the stars of the kinetic thriller, we had to ask them about how to artfully place a swear word. This will especially come in handy if we ever find ourselves embroiled in an international caper.

    Later, we talked to the cast about what a sequel to "The Hitman's Bodyguard" would look like and the general consensus was ... it'll have a lot more Hayek. And, if we'd hazard a guess, a lot more swearing.

    "The Hitman's Bodyguard" opens everywhere this Friday.

  13. 'The Killing of a Sacred Deer' Trailer Is Even Weirder Than 'The Lobster'

    Life is getting weird again for Colin Farrell.

    The actor stars in Yorgos Lanthimos' new film, "The Killing of a Sacred Deer." The two collaborated on the delightfully odd dystopian love story "The Lobster."

    The trailer for "Sacred Deer" looks like it'll push some buttons, much like Lanthimos' previous work. Farrell stars as a surgeon who takes a young teen (Barry Keoghan) under his wing, only for the boy's behaviour to turn sinister. Nicole Kidman plays Farrell's wife, while Alicia Silverstone is the boy's mother.

    The trailer is set to a very creepy, haunting rendition of Ellie Goulding's "Burn." And like "The Lobster" before, this film looks to combine comedy and tragedy to paint a portrait of just how deeply weird humans can be.

    "The Killing of a Sacred Deer" opens in theaters October 27.

  14. Tom Cruise Injury Shuts Down 'Mission: Impossible 6' Filming for 8 Weeks

    Production on "Mission: Impossible 6" could be shut down for at least eight weeks after star Tom Cruise suffered an injury while performing a stunt.

    Cruise is famous for doing many of his own stunts. Video from the set shows the actor attempting to jump from one building to another, but falling short and smacking into the side of the second building. The extent of his injuries are unknown, but a source told Variety that the actor may have broken his ankle and hurt his hip.

    Tom Cruise gets injured doing a stunt for #MI6

    Looks like he jumped to soon.

    — BATMAN (@Batmancanseeyou) August 13, 2017

    A doctor is reportedly to examine Cruise this week, after which Paramount will decide how long to delay production.

    Filming could still wrap on time, if Cruise's scenes are pushed to the tail end of the shoot. But if production does run over schedule, it'll cause major problems for the other cast members, including Henry Cavill, Simon Pegg, and Rebecca Hall, who have other projects waiting for them in the fall.

    "Mission: Impossible 6" is due in theaters July 27, 2018.

  15. Casey Affleck Doesn't Think Ben Affleck Will Do 'The Batman' Movie

    US-OSCARS-SHOWThe Batfleck rumors may be true. Casey Affleck told Boston sports radio station WEEI that he doesn't think his older brother Ben Affleck will star in "The Batman" standalone film, following "Justice League."

    Here's that part of the conversation (watch the video below):

    Host Rich Keefe: "There's a rumor. I'm sure you don't like being asked about your brother, but there is a rumor that he is not going to be in the standalone Batman movie. I thought he was a tremendous Batman. I don't know if you have any insight on that?"

    Casey Affleck: "Um. [Sighs.] I thought he was an OK Batman. [Everyone laughs] No, he was great. He was great. He was a hero, so he had something to channel and work with there. But he's not gonna do that movie, I don't think. ... Is that breaking news? I was just kinda making that up."

    Well, it's news now! Keefe said he heard it first from Casey Affleck and he's going to tweet that out.

    You can watch Casey say it around the 6 minute mark. He sounds serious, not like he was just making it up, but that might also just be his deadpan humor. It's also not clear how much he knows about Ben's Batman future.At Comic-Con last month, Ben Affleck seemed to shut down the rumors that his future as Batman was "in doubt," saying, "Being Batman is the coolest f–ing part in any universe. I'm so thrilled to do it. It's f–ing amazing [to] have this history of this great studio... They said to me, 'We want you to be our Batman and I believe them.'"

    At the very least, he'll be in "Justice League," and he told Entertainment Weekly this Batman "is more in keeping with the canon of how Batman's usually been portrayed" than the Bruce Wayne of "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice":

    "BvS departed a little bit from the traditional Batman. He started out with all this rage directed at Superman, because of his coworkers who had died in the fight Superman had with Zod. He was holding on to a lot of anger, in a little bit of an irrational way. Whereas this is a much more traditional Batman. He's heroic. He does things in his own way, but he wants to save people, help people."

    "Justice League" opens November 17th. "The Batman" -- originally meant to be written, directed by, and starring Ben Affleck -- is now being directed by Matt Reeves, with a new script, and starring ... we'll see what happens with it.

    [via: The Wrap]

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  16. Chris Hemsworth Was Intimidated & 'Weirdly Shaken' Meeting Chris Pratt 

    Premiere Of Disney And Marvel's 'Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2' - Red CarpetWhen two superstar Chrises meet, it's not surprising to hear the ground quakes and a man-crush is born. Chris Hemsworth (Thor) was in the Marvel Cinematic Universe before Chris Pratt, but he confessed to ELLE that he was shaken meeting Star-Lord.

    Here's that part of Hemsworth's Q&A with ELLE:

    ELLE: When was the last time you were intimidated by another man?

    The first time I really met Chris Pratt—and went on set with him and the Guardians—I was weirdly shaken. [Laughs] I don't know why. He's just so charismatic. And good at what he does.

    Yep, sounds like a crush. Now that Pratt is single and might have more free time, maybe he and Hemsworth should put some work into this bromance and see it fully blossom.

    Premiere Of Marvel's 'Avengers: Age Of Ultron' - ArrivalsPratt and his fellow "Guardians of the Galaxy" will be in "Avengers: Infinity War" with Thor and company. Thor will next be seen with the Hulk in "Thor: Ragnarok." That co-stars another person Hemsworth was intimidated by, Cate Blanchett (Hela):

    ELLE: Tell us something we wouldn't expect about Cate Blanchett.

    She calls you on your sh*t straightaway. Which is intimidating. You walk in and you're doing all the usual polite chats, and she's like, "Chris, what are you doing? Really, that's the story you're gonna tell?" And you're like, "Sh*t, I'm not going to get away with anything with this lady. I have to drop the facade."

    The leading-man facade?

    Kind of. You know, she's Cate Blanchett, for God's sake! There's quite a feeling of wanting to impress her. She's like, "I'm a human being. Act normal." Before you know it, you're drinking and telling stories and cracking jokes. She has a wild sense of humor.

    Cate Blanchett is such a legend. Hemsworth gets intimidated pretty often, though. He's also talked about how Wonder Woman could beat Thor in a fight, and Charlize Theron should be the next Bond after Daniel Craig because "she scares the hell out of me, and I think she could beat the sh*t out of me and most villains out there."

    "Thor: Ragnarok" opens November 3. "Avengers: Infinity War" opens May 4, 2018.

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  17. Daniel Craig Finally Confirms He Will Return for Bond 25: 'I Can't Wait'

    'Spectre' German Premiere In BerlinIt's official: Our long international shaken-and-stirred nightmare is over. Daniel Craig has finally confirmed -- on tape, no less -- that he will return as James Bond. He also mostly confirmed this will be his final Bond film. "I think this is it. I just want to go out on a high note, and I can't wait."

    Craig shared the news on "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert," while promoting "Logan Lucky." There was some build-up to the news, with Craig acknowledging he'd been "cagey" in prior interviews:

    Daniel Craig: "I have been doing interviews all day and people have been asking me and I think I've been rather coy. But kind of felt like if I was going to speak the truth I should speak truth to you."

    Stephen Colbert: "Daniel Craig, will you return as James Bond?"
    Daniel Craig: "Yes."

    The audience cheered.

    Daniel Craig: "I couldn't be happier."

    Craig said he's known he would return for a couple of months now. He apologized for being cagey to other reporters earlier that same day, playing it cool on the Bond return, saving his scoop for Colbert.

    For a full year now, we've had back-and-forth rumors about who might replace Daniel Craig as the next Bond -- since he was so burned out by "Spectre" that he joked he'd rather slash his wrists than play James Bond again. (Colbert even asked him about that.)

    Watch the full interview for a lot more, including Daniel Craig explaining how he got to play a Stormtrooper in "The Force Awakens" ("I slept with J.J. Abrams") and Colbert admitting he has a crush on Craig's wife, the amazing Rachel Weisz:

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  18. Shiri Appleby Promises That 'UnREAL' Season 3 Has Course Corrected

    SAG-AFTRA Foundation's Conversations With UnREAL"UnREAL" star Shiri Appleby was ready to sample a new flavor in her acting career, and "Lemon" was the combination of tart and sweet she was looking for.

    Directed by Sundance favorite Janicza Bravo, who co-wrote the screenplay with her husband and the film's star, Brett Gelman, "Lemon" mixes quirky family dysfunction with a haunting underbelly of despair and longing (think Wes Anderson meets Paul Thomas Anderson), casting Appleby as Ruthie, the well-meaning (if often annoyingly demanding in customer service calls), very pregnant sister of Gelman's falling-apart lead, Isaac.

    As Appleby explains to Moviefone, the role provided a fun departure from her hit series "UnREAL" -- which she assures us has regained its creative footing in its upcoming third season -- her burgeoning producing and directing career, and her very real home life with the Hollywood crowd's reigning restaurateur Jon Shook (Jon & Vinny's, Animal, Son of a Gun) and their children.

    Moviefone: You look like you had a lot of fun with this one.

    Shiri Appleby: A lot of fun. That's why I wanted to do it. It felt so different from some of the stuff I've been doing lately.

    A very different role for you, and just a very different kind of movie. What did you respond to in the very specific voice of Janicza Bravo that you saw here?

    I mean, when I saw the movie I had no idea that that was the movie that I was making that I felt like what was on the page was a really strong female character ... Janicza, when I spoke to her on the phone was really like, "Ruthie is the light of this family." It's obviously a very dark, heavy family, and the fact that she's sort of the sparkly energy within this group, I really respond to that.

    And I really liked the idea that I was in the handful of beats that I'm in the movie, I was emotionally going all over the place. So I just felt like it was a great, well-written role, and it was a well-written script, and then I watched Janicza's shorts and I was incredibly impressed with her, and I just knew that she would make an outstanding first feature, and I wanted to be a part of it.

    The voice of the character itself, especially when she's on her cell phone -- I feel like I've been next to this woman in the grocery store or the movie theater.

    She's not aware of how loud she's screaming on the phone demanding what it is she wants.

    How fun was that for you, to kind of catch that vibe and to act out those half-heard conversations?

    It was really fun, but at the same time I'm talking to no one! "Does this feel believable? I'm kind of coming off sort of bitchy. How's this gonna play?" But at the same time she pushed me to go farther and go really mean and really dark, and so just being able to stretch in that way was something that I was really attracted to.

    Did you pick up from anybody that you'd run into in public that was sort of that person?

    Myself, maybe, at times! It's just life. We've all encountered those moments, and especially when she's a young mother, life is stressful, she's pregnant again. The weight of the world is constantly on you physically when you're pregnant, and so if things aren't going your way, it's cause for anxiety.

    How nice that with all of the great actors that were recruited for this that you guys did get one big scene where most of you were together. What was that experience like?

    Well, all the actors in the movie were people that I would hope to work with. I became really close with Rhea Perlman. Martin [Starr] and I have known each other since "Roswell," so it was nice to spend some time together, and it was a group of people that you really respected.

    Anybody that you had any downtime with, I felt like "I'm gonna take advantage of this and have some kind of meaningful conversation." There's always something to pick up and learn from people, so it was one of those moments when you're like I feel really grateful that they thought of me for this role. People don't normally think of me for a comedy, so it was really great to be given this opportunity, and to be surrounded by people that you really respect and admire.

    It's been cool to see the second act that you've been having. You've been doing some really adventurous stuff, and now you've got a production shingle going. What are you thinking about for the future?

    I've been working since I was a kid in this business, and I feel like I'm starting my career over again. I go to work every day at Appletree. We're busy trying to sell shows and option books and articles, so it's been really exciting cause I'm learning a totally different side of the business and now I've got a handle on it and putting things together and it's really finding my voice.

    The role of the actor is somewhat limited in the sense that your job is to perform what somebody else has in mind, it's sort of kind of stay out of the way, and so now to have a strong voice and put shows together ... These are the themes and the conversations I'd like to be having that feels really great and to now be on the set as a director and say, "This is the way I imagine it," and being able to make my days and keep things moving.

    And on "UnREAL" it's really wonderful – being an actor on a show and directing, you're like, "There's a lot of things that have been untapped here." How do we show the vulnerable sides of Constance [Zimmer's] character, and how do we show tougher moments of Rachel, and how do we get inside of her psyche? And it's been really exciting for me, again, to just have a voice.

    So in terms of moving forward, I'm really grateful that "UnREAL" is getting another season, but I'm really looking to the future of like how do I really create this production shingle to be a really strong voice and a real provider of female stories? That's something I'm really, really inspired and passionate, working really hard towards. And I really want to continue to direct and helm those things, and find young writers that I really believe in and start to champion them.

    Had that always been a burning desire in your earliest acting days?

    Absolutely. Absolutely.

    So you didn't turn a corner and say, "I've gotta make shows for me to act in"?

    No, and it's really not even about that. People are like, "Do you want to be in these," I'm like "Right now I just want to get these shows on the air!" I just really want to have success in this.

    Yes, I always sort of admired a lot of directors. I dated a lot of directors, and I had a wonderful female director I worked with, Liz Allan, and she really gave me the push. I produced for the first time this web series for Alloway called "Dating Rules for my Future Self" and I was really committed from day one of prep to the last day of edit, and when they asked me to star in the second season, she said "Tell them you'll only do it if you can direct." And so, she really gave me the push to stand up and say "I'm ready to do this." I really learned that it's constantly using your voice and saying "I'm ready for more." Right now, I'm pushing and asking for two episodes in the second season.

    And what's been wonderful is that I do have this vast amount of experience and I've worked with really wonderful directors from Mike Nichols to David Gordon Green to J.J. Abrams. I'm saying like, I know how they all did it, from being on this side of things, so how do I take what I've learned from them and create my own style. I've been taught by some of the greatest people at it, so I'm really excited about having my shot.

    And there's the day job, of course, on "UnREAL."

    I love acting. Yeah, we start shooting the fourth season October 17th. We'll probably finish shooting the fourth season before the third season airs. So that will be interesting, and then we will see how the third season does.

    I know some people thought that there were things a bit off about Season 2. Did you feel like it needed a course correction for Season 3?

    Yeah, it needed a course correction. Season 2 was not us at our best, by any means. I think that there was a lot of problems behind the scenes. And so, I think we've corrected a lot of those problems, and Stacy Rukeyser ran a really solid third season. She really came in and stabilized the show, and the show got back to what the show is about, which is feminism.

    Really, we don't need to attack any other conversations. I think the show should stick with what it's been really set up to achieve, and the third season is really about "Can a successful woman find love with a man without having to put herself down?" And we really explore that conversation, and then Rachel really sort of does a feminist thing, which is she attacks her past and says "How am I going to fix my past, so I can be a better version of myself today and move forward and create a better life for myself?"

    So, it gets really deep and quite dark, which tends to happen in "UnREAL," and we end up in a really good place. And, I feel like the show creatively will feel much stronger than it was in the second season.

    Because it is all about feminism, how did the show affect or change you?

    Oh my goodness. Well, it's given my whole career a whole other boost again, so that's been wonderful. But you're at the forefront of having a conversation of what is life like for women, so women are connecting to the show and to you in different ways. A lot of women feel like there are such expectations on them that they can't be certain ways, and this character really discusses that.

    And also, who she is and what she believes, she believes she is a feminist but yet her job is telling her to tear women down. And so women are constantly feeling at odds about those things, and I don't know if those were conversations that I was completely aware of until I became part of the show and started having the dialogue and hearing other women speak. That's been really enjoyable. Being able to actually connect with the people that are watching the show in that deeper way has been great.

    And the show's also allowed me to produce, and has allowed me to direct, so it's given me a platform. I've always felt like I've had this potential inside, but they're allowing me to actually make it happen.

    Are you keeping an eye on the actual reality series world? Because this has been a wild year for news coming out of shows like the ones "UnREAL" satirizes.

    Yes -- "Bachelor in Paradise." I really sure hope that that's what our show is about in the fourth season because it's ripe for conversation. One of the successes of the second season, for as shaky as the story telling was, is we did have the first black bachelor, and they just had the first black bachelorette. And so to think that we did pave a way, there is success in that.

    Have you had conversations since "UnREAL" came out with people who have actually participated in shows like "The Bachelor"?

    Endlessly, and they all want to say "Oh the show's based on me. The show's based on me, right?"

    That's why they're on shows like that.

    Yeah, and producers on the show are saying it, too, and I'm like "I'm pretty sure I know exactly who this character is written about and it's not you," but it's wild that so many people relate to it. So it's interesting that so many people have stories or personal connections to it. I mean, also, reality TV is a big part of our world today. The man running the world is a reality star.

    What's been fun and/or weird about being part of a Hollywood power couple?

    Oh, with Jon? The great part is that we definitely have our own careers, and that's really wonderful for us as a family, for both people to feel like individuals and to have our own successes, and so that's really great.

    Our jobs sometimes [converge]: he's catering the Emmy party, but he's catering the Emmy party. And I'm like, "You have to come with me," and he's like, "Oh my God, please don't make me go to any of those award shows."

    So there's a normalcy to it and I think we are both championing for the other person to be more successful. Like, we are both ready to retire if the other person can figure it out, so that's a big thing. I mean, I'm just endlessly proud of him, and he's really passionate, and really inspiring, and he's a really great person to wake up next to.

    It's great that as things are happening for both of you, you're career-adjacent. You're not deep in the exact same thing.

    No, no, no. And again, he can be totally be much more successful and it's totally fine.

    Do you cook for him?

    All the time. People are like, "Does he cook?" He doesn't really cook at home that much because by the time he comes home he's like, "Don't make me look at a knife." It's a lot of Thai food. It's a lot of Thai food delivery, and I make food for the kids and for the family, but he usually fixes it.

    What else has been on your mind, away from work?

    I'm really focused on my kids. My whole life, when I'm not at work, is really on "How do you raise good people and what does that really mean?" Now we are looking at schools, and it's like, what am I trying to achieve by sending my kids to school. Do I need my kids to go to Harvard? Do I need my kids to go to Stanford? Or do I just need them to find something that they're passionate about, that makes them excited? And, how do you give that to your kids? It's not a huge cause, but that's a huge cause to me because these are the two little people that I'm responsible for.

    It is very hard to be a working woman because you take time away from your children but you have to keep reminding yourself, "I'm a role model." My daughter sees what it means to go on set and her mommy works, her mommy can be the boss and women can achieve that. And for my young son to see a woman also have full careers and full lives, and hopefully both kids will see that their parents work really hard for the life that they're living. It's really important to me.

  19. Jennifer Lawrence Wants You to Go Wine Tasting With Her (And Call Your Ex)

    Today is Jennifer Lawrence's birthday, and to celebrate 27 years of being a motormouth masterpiece, she posted a hilarious video inviting you to go get wasted with her. OK, maybe not wasted. But she does emphasize the drinking of wine, and how you guys might drink enough to start calling your exes. (Also, if there are any stripper poles nearby, JLaw might just do this again.)

    The point is to raise funds for Represent.Us, a non-partisan organization dedicated to stopping political corruption. But most of the video is just JLaw reading off quotes and trying to determine if they're wine reviews or reviews of her own movies.

    Watch the video for the details, or just head to The trip to California would be for you and a guest, with flight and a four-star hotel included.

    Here's the description at Omaze:

    Jennifer Lawrence is passionate about a lot of things: politics, Doritos, reality TV and most importantly... wine. You ready to share that passion with Jen? Great, because you and a friend are headed to one of California's many vineyards to sip on the good stuff—a lot of it. You're wine tasting! You'll swirl, sniff, sip and spit (or not, no judgement) as you hang with Jen, joke around and become best friends. Enjoy a picnic lunch, play some lawn games on the vineyard, maybe even call your ex! Although they do say that there's truth in wine, so you might want to think that one through. Either way, you know Jen—she's super cool and down for a good time, so this is sure to be a grape day (ugh, we almost made it without going there). Flights and hotel included.

    Go for it. Good luck!

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  20. Did You See How Insanely Jacked Ray Fisher Got for 'Justice League'?

    This is what it looks like when you work out like a machine.

    Considering so much of Cyborg's body won't be seen, you'd think Ray Fisher might be the one lucky superhero with no need to get superbuff. He could eat doughnuts in front of the rest of the "Justice League" and just watch them seethe. But no. Instead, Fisher gained 33 pounds of pure muscle to play Victor Stone/Cyborg, and showed off the results on Instagram:

    Back in September of 2016, Fisher shared another look at his ripped Cyborg bod:

    Half-Man, Half-Machine... #BORGLIFE #JusticeLeague

    A post shared by Ray Fisher (@rehsifyar) on


    IGN recently talked with Joe Morton, who plays Cyborg's father/inventor Dr. Silas Stone, and he revealed that some of the reshoots Joss Whedon directed were to alter the tone of Cyborg's character:

    IGN: Can you say what's different? Is there's any difference in tone?

    Morton: Well, the stuff that I had to do were just really small little bits and pieces, nothing necessarily having to do with tone. I know that with Ray, the young man who plays Victor, there were some adjustments that they made in terms of the tone of that character. I think what I heard was that there was a need from the studio to lighten up the film in a way, that the film felt too dark. I don't know what that meant in terms of how it actually got translated in terms of the reshoots but that's what I heard. That's what I thought some of the reshoots were about.

    Morton also talked to Comic Book Movie about the Victor/Silas relationship, saying Victor resents Silas for turning him into Cyborg:

    "Yeah, some of that still exists in the film where Victor sort of feels like, 'Yes you saved my life, but look what you made me look like. I can't go out and be a regular person.' He has no alias, nothing to hide behind. So what I think is great about that idea is you begin, in a metaphoric way, sort of talking about what it means to be 'the other' in society. Even if you have something tremendous to contribute to society, the first thing that most social situations will do is ostracize you because you look different because they don't know who or what you are. So I think that's a big deal in this film for that character, and for Silas, and makes for interesting film making."

    "Justice League" opens November 17th.

    [h/t CinemaBlend]

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  21. Samuel L. Jackson Isn't in 'Infinity War,' 'Avengers 4,' or 'Black Panther' & He Sounds Upset

    Samuel L. Jackson is feeling the fury (or at least disappointment) of Nick Fury after his character has been sidelined from multiple Marvel movies.

    Fury helped launch the Marvel Cinematic Universe as we know it with his post-credits scene in "Iron Man." He was last seen briefly in "Avengers: Age of Ultron," after being declared "officially dead" in "Captain America: The Winter Soldier."

    It was recently confirmed that Jackson will co-star with Brie Larson in "Captain Marvel," which is set in the 1990s, before the first "Iron Man." But when will be able to see what's in Fury's future?

    In an interview with Yahoo UK, taped before the "Captain Marvel" confirmation, Jackson revealed his confusion about his place in the MCU.

    "I've been rumored to be in several different Marvel movies that I haven't shown up in. I wasn't in the 'superhero argument' movie ['Captain America: Civil War'], I'm not in 'Avengers 3 and 4'. They're shooting them now, and they haven't called me yet. They wouldn't let me go to 'Black Panther'-ville, so it's kinda like 'How you gonna make a black Marvel movie and not let Nick Fury show up in it?!'"

    Can we at least agree that "Superhero Argument Movie" should be the new official title of "Civil War"?

    Maybe Marvel will see that Jackson is ready to be tagged in and find a role for him in "Avengers 4," which is now filming. Or maybe it doesn't make sense for his character. Considering everyone under the sun was cast for "Infinity War," it is surprising to hear he won't be in it. They already finished filming that one, so if no one called Jackson after this particular interview, he's out.

    "Captain Marvel" is scheduled to open March 8, 2019.

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  22. Leonardo DiCaprio to Play Namesake Leonardo da Vinci in Biopic

    ABC's Coverage Of The 89th Annual Academy AwardsLeonardo DiCaprio is set to fulfill a longtime quest to play his namesake, artist and inventor Leonardo da Vinci, on the big screen, with his production company nabbing the rights to an upcoming biography of the original Renaissance man.

    Deadline reports that studio Paramount and DiCaprio's Appian Way banner have made a deal to adapt "Leonardo da Vinci" by biographer Walter Isaacson after an intense bidding war with rival Universal. Isaacson is known for his sprawling books on historical figures (his biographies of Steve Jobs and Albert Einstein were adapted into recent film and TV projects "Steve Jobs" and "Genius," respectively), and "da Vinci" seems to be similarly painstakingly detailed.

    Here's the scoop on the book -- and the upcoming movie -- via Deadline:

    According to info from the publisher, Isaacson used Da Vinci's notebooks to weave a narrative that connects his art to his science and voracious curiosity and imagination. Aside from his priceless paintings, he pursued innovative studies of anatomy (his iconic drawing of Vitruvian Man), fossils, birds, the heart, flying machines, botany, geology and weaponry. He peeled flesh off the faces of cadavers, drew the muscles that move the lips and then painted history's most memorable smile. He explored the math of optics, showed how light rays strike the cornea and produced illusions of changing perspectives in The Last Supper. Isaacson also describes how Leonardo's lifelong enthusiasm for staging theatrical productions informed his paintings and inventions. According to the book, he also was a bit of a misfit: illegitimate, gay, vegetarian, left-handed, easily distracted and at times heretical.

    According to Variety, it's "no coincidence" that the Oscar-winning DiCaprio was interested in playing the celebrated painter.

    "The actor's mother famously claims to have chosen the artist as her son's namesake when she felt an in utero DiCaprio kick for the first time while examining a da Vinci piece at the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, Italy back in 1974," the trade writes.

    The book "Leonardo da Vinci" is due out on October 17. No word yet on when production on the film is set to begin.

    [via: Deadline, Variety]

  23. 11 Reasons Luna Lovegood Will Always Be Our Fave 'Harry Potter' Character

    Luna Lovegood (Evanna Lynch) is still our favorite Hogwarts alum. She might not be the chosen one, like Harry Potter, but she was delightfully strange and added much-needed comic relief to the latter films in the series.

    These are the 11 reasons the "Harry Potter" character will always have our hearts.

  24. Daniel Craig Says There's 'No Decision Yet' on James Bond Return

    Rumors have been swirling for years now over whether or not Daniel Craig will suit up again as James Bond, with the answer varying wildly depending on the day of the week (or who's the hot new candidate to take over the role). Today, there still isn't any concrete news on that front, though the actor himself has finally commented on the issue, insisting that he hasn't made up his mind yet whether to reprise the role -- and that money is not a factor in his decision-making process.

    That was the word from Craig when he spoke to Boston radio show Morning Magic on Tuesday, while promoting his new flick "Logan Lucky." The actor also touched upon the Bond issue, noting, "No decision has been made at the moment" about a potential return as 007.

    "There's a lot of noise out there and nothing official has been confirmed and I'm not, like, holding out for more money or doing anything like that," Craig told the hosts. "It's just all very personal decisions to be made at the moment. ... I know they're desperate to get going and I would in theory love to do it, but there is no decision, uh, just yet."

    Those comments echo the last time the actor talked about Bond, when he said back in October of 2016 that he would "miss it terribly" if he abandoned the character. It's unclear what's been holding up Craig's decision for so long, but his steadfast insistence that he's still not sure should at least clear up the latest batch of rumors that he's definitely on board for another flick.

    Regardless of who is sitting behind the wheel of the Aston Martin, the 25th Bond flick is due in theaters on November 8, 2019.

    [via: Morning Magic, h/t TheWrap]

  25. Stunt Driver Killed on 'Deadpool 2' Set Identified as SJ Harris; Production Halts

    SJ harris, deadpool 2, stunt driver, stuntwomanThe stunt woman killed in a motorcycle accident on the set of "Deadpool 2" this week has been identified by the Coroner's Service of British Columbia.

    The driver's name was Joi "SJ" Harris, a New York native who was 40 years old, and working on her first film. Harris died during filming in downtown Vancouver Monday morning when the motorcycle she was riding crashed into a building, throwing her through a plate glass window.

    Local authorities are still trying to determine the cause of the accident, but witnesses say that Harris performed the stunt without incident four times, before something went wrong during the fifth try. In addition to police, several different organizations are investigating the accident, including WorkSafeBC and SAG-AFTRA.

    Harris was a trailblazing rider, noting on her personal blog that she was the first African-American female professional road racer. In a 2015 interview with Black Girls Ride magazine, she said she was proud of that distinction, and wanted to inspire others.

    "I am everything people never saw in this sport," Harris told the magazine. "Sisters on the track are few and far in between. I want to show them that there's more for them to be exposed to. I want to get kids interested through experience."

    On Tuesday, Porsche Taylor, the editor of Black Girls Ride and a close friend of Harris, took to Facebook to remember the late rider, noting that Harris's "Deadpool 2" gig was "the opportunity of a lifetime."

    "SJ has overcome life's adversity to ride on the biggest stage there was for a motorcycle rider," Taylor wrote on Facebook. "She died while living her dream out loud, and doing what she loved till the end."

    "Deadpool" star Ryan Reynolds offered condolences for Harris on social media on Monday, and his costar Josh Brolin also shared his sadness in an Instagram post:

    "We are mourning the death of a beautiful woman who died tragically this morning on our set. I never met her, but I know she was a friend, a sister, a daughter and a mentor. And the heart breaks and will slowly mend together as time sews beautiful memories honoring her."

    Deadline reports that production on the film has shut down in the wake of Harris's death, though it's unclear for how long. "Deadpool 2" is slated for release sometime in 2018.

    [via: The Hollywood Reporter, SJ Harris, Porshe Taylor, h/t People]

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