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48 Hour Film Project Awards

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48 Hour Film Project Awards

By Patty Fantasia

The 2011 Las Vegas 48 Hour Film Project Awards Gala and Screening was held at 7pm on Wednesday evening April 27th at the Century 16 Suncoast Theatres inside the Suncoast Hotel and Casino with a free after-party following at The Beauty Bar located 517 Freemont Street that was hosted by Neon Reverb Film Festival Director Maggie Leon.

The top prize for Best Film went to the Thompson Brothers Mike and Jerry for their entry “The Wrong Taco Shop” and was presented by the Las Vegas 48 Hour Film Project Producer Derek Stonebarger. The Thompsons, whose earlier collaborations produced the well received indie film “Thor at the Bus Stop” and the music video “A Crowd of Small Adventures” received a $500 check from lawyer Glen Lerner and the opportunity to screen their winning film at the Cannes Film Festival in 2012 in addition to the award. Producers of the First Place Runner Up for Best Film “The Guitar of Ogden” received $200 from Lerner, while the team that made Second Place Runner Up “Lady and the Chap” got $150.00. Additional sponsors included Fridays, the NAB Show, Century Theatres, Whole Foods and Theatre7.


For those unfamiliar with the event, The 48 Hour Film Project takes place for one wild and sleepless weekend during which a team of filmmakers write, shoot, edit and score a short. Once teams are set up on Friday night a character, prop, line of dialogue and genre are given that must be included in the movie, which must be completed 48 hours later. In 2010, nearly 40,000 filmmakers made 3,000 films in 80 cities on five continents and this year the event has continued to grow. For the shorts made by the 2011 Las Vegas filmmaking teams to qualify they had to meet the following guidelines: incorporate chopsticks, feature a musician named Victor or Vanessa Black and use the line “My motto? Mind your own business.”

Awards were chosen in several categories including the Four Audience Favorite Awards, which were selected among the four Screening Groups of films that were shown at the Suncoast on April 13 and 14. These winners were the first announced by Stonebarger once the ceremonies were made and they are as follows: Group A: “Zombie Intervention” from Exzile Films won with “Lady and the Chap” from The Ruse/Aversion Films coming in as Runner Up; Group B: “The Wrong Taco Shop” from Light Forge Studios came in 1st with “He’s Just Not That Into C.P.U.” by Doing it Big Productions making it to Runner Up; Group C: “Where is Vincent Black” from Coolita took 1st prize with “SchoolHouse Rocked” from Killer Boots Man! coming in second; and in Group D: “The Guitar of Ogden” from ByerFilms was the winner followed by Runner Up “Omerta” by Ruff Kut Productions.

The rest of the Award Winners are listed below:

BEST ACTOR: Spencer Dewees, “Lady and The Chap”
BEST ACTRESS: Dana Bomar, “The Wrong Taco Shop”
BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY: “Omerta”, Rough Kut Productions
BEST COSTUMES: “Lady and the Chap” by the Ruse, Aversion Films
BEST DIRECTING: “The Guitar of Ogden”, Byer Films
BEST EDITING: “The Guitar of Ogden”, Byer Films
BEST FILM: “The Wrong Taco Shop”, Light Forge Studios
BEST LINE OF DIALOG: “Hungry for Love”, Paper Slate Pictures
BEST ORIGINAL SONG: “The Last Track”, Murder Mitten
BEST SOUND DESIGN: “Omerta”, Rough Kut Productions
BEST SPECIAL FX: “The Wrong Taco Shop”, Light Forge Studios
BEST USE OF CHARACTER: Zombie Intervention, Exzile Films
BEST USE OF GENRE: “Lady and the Chap” by the Ruse, Aversion films
BEST USE OF PROP: “Where is Victor Black” by Coolita
BEST WRITING: “The Guitar of Ogden”, Byer Films

For more information about the 48 Hour Film Project and a list of all of the films in the 2010 Las Vegas competition visit their website at


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