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Patty Fantasia

Premiere of "Get Him to the Greek"

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Patty Fantasia

Planet Hollywood hosts Red Carpet Premiere of Get Him to the Greek
By Patty Fantasia
Photo credit: Patty Fantasia

On Thursday night May 20th, a special audience as well as a supportive group of fans showed up to watch the stars walk Planet Hollywood’s red carpet for the premiere of the new comedy “Get Him to the Greek”, which features some of the characters from “Forgetting Sarah Marshall”. Among the celebrities on hand were the film’s stars, British comedian Russell Brand and Jonah Hill, who have reteamed with director, co-writer and producer Nicholas Stoller. Another member of the talented cast to show up was “Harry Potter” star Tom Felton, who turns in a memorable cameo performance. Greek’s co-producer, Rodney Rothman also attended the festivities along with comedians Rob Riggle (“The Hangover”) and Paul Scheer (Funny or Die Presents…), both of whom were dressed in the color purple. Peepshow’s Holly Madison and red carpet perennials Laura Croft and Angel Perrino strutted their stuff, while Las Vegas’s musical entertainment community was well represented by one of the nicest entertainers on the strip, singer Matt Goss, who performs at Caesars Palace, Imperial Palace headliners, Australian singing sensations Human Nature, and dance dynamos Jabbawookeez who are appearing at the MGM for a limited engagement.

“Get Him to the Greek” reunites Hill, Brand and Stoller in this tale about Aaron Greenberg’s (Hill) career altering task escorting British rocker Aldous Snow (Brand) on the first leg of his 100 Million dollar tour from London to L.A.’s Greek Theater in 72 hours. This may sound like a fun adventure, but in reality it is more like The Great Race on steroids as the young man finds himself dealing with London drug dealers, New York brawls and lap dancers in Las Vegas during the journey, while his charge struggles to find real meaning in his life amid all of the chaos.

Pausing to talk for a few minutes prior to the screening, Jonah said, “I really wanted to work with Nick Stoller again and Russell Brand and… We had a lot of fun the first time, so it was nice to do it again.” The repairing has pleased the actor, who went on, “I love the final product. We love the movie and all you can do is do good work and hope people go see it, so that’s what we’re doing.” Praising his co-star Brand he continued, “He’s such an eccentric, but brilliant guy and it was really cool to get to form a relationship with someone so interesting.” Commenting on Russell’s performance Hill said, “I think it’s going to shock people how hysterical he is.”

Coming up on the actor’s agenda will probably be filming “The Sitter” in New York, which he described as “kind of like a messed up R rated Adventures in Babysitting type of movie. Me and a bunch of little kids on a drug run.” He will also be co-starring with Brad Pitt in the drama “Moneyball”. When asked if he prefers comedy or drama, Jonah said, “I find both them equally challenging and interesting and lucky to be a part of either.” When it comes to selecting a film to be in he prefers to go by the director and the script, rather than a particular genre or type of movie.

One of the reasons Nicholas Stoller chose to do this film was because, “Jonah and Russell had really good chemistry in “Forgetting Sarah Marshall.” He considered the actors’ earlier pairing to be a breakthrough movie for them and so it was an easy decision to reteam the duo again. Stoller is pleased with the final cut, but a bit disappointed that a lot of hilarious scenes not directly involving the main storyline had to be cut, including a whole sequence of Russell’s crew in England. According to Nicholas, although some of their footage is still in the film, there is a lot more material they could have used. Who knows - maybe some of those scenes could be used as extra feature material when the DVD is ready to come out.

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