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Patty Fantasia

“Red Herring” Wrap Party

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Patty Fantasia - “Red Herring” Wrap Party

By Patty Fantasia
Photos by Patty Fantasia

“Red Herring” Wrap Party - October 21st 2009

Article and photos by Patty Fantasia

It’s a time honored Hollywood tradition to celebrate the end of shooting a film with a wrap party, so how does this ritual translate in Las Vegas? If you’re Josh Cohen and the film is Red Herring, the debut feature from his company Cohencidence Productions, you do it with flair, style and in a location that should be in a movie. Actually, the party’s location, the Marquis Las Vegas’ Model home was in a movie…this one. Graciously volunteered by developer Tyler Jones, the multi level mansion, which I was told is valued at over three million dollars, is spectacular. When I asked how Josh managed obtained the use of the elegant showplace he smiled and answered, “I made a phone call.”


The film, which is a neo noir murder mystery, follows the hunt of protagonist Jack Adamson (Robert Scott Howard) throughout Las Vegas for the “Blue Screen of Death” assassin and shows how his investigation winds up leading to someone very close to him. Filmed with the acclaimed digital sensation, the RED camera, pre-production began last May with shooting starting on September 16th. Locations included places showing off Nevada’s natural beauty, like the Valley of Fire, and another unique Las Vegas venue the office of Mayor Oscar Goodman, who has a cameo in the picture.


In between exploring the plush party pad and socializing with the other guests, I had the chance to chat with actor, G. Eric Miles, who plays Mason White, an L.A.P.D. Detective assigned to the case. He enjoyed his part in “Red Herring” and found it very rewarding. “I had a great experience on the project. It had a professional cast and crew with a single vision to tell the story.” he explained. Backing up his statement, he described the camera crew as “awesome” praising 1st AC Evan Luzi and 2nd AC Chad Pickrel, who he said was the coolest person on the set. Arriving from Los Angeles, where he’s appeared in numerous television shows including “Profiler”, “Murder She Wrote” and “The Pretender”, Miles said “I’ve been looking for credible TV and film production in Las Vegas” and he believes he found that with “Red Herring.” He states proudly, “We’re going to put up a good product.”

Now that the film’s shooting schedule has been completed, Miles has several new projects in the works. Two of them he is considering would be set in Las Vegas, which would be fine with him. “There’s enough talent on both sides of the camera to do things,” he said, adding that he hopes the area continues its growth where independent filmmaking is concerned. “What benefits all benefits each and every one of us”, he noted. In addition to being an actor, the multi talented Miles is also a screenwriter and has finished scripting a comedy, which he’s in the process of doing final rewrites on, called “Falling for Love” about a man questioning some of his choices.


Aside from the “Red Herring” cast and crew, the entire Las Vegas filmmaking community was invited to join in the celebration and network and attendees included several familiar faces like Director Marko Sakren (Running4President), Screenwriter/Producer Chris Battle (Accused), Producer/Director Keith Mosher (One Long Day) and Director/Writer Brian Grant. Sponsors Tribeca Light, Monster Energy Drink and Krispy Kreme Donuts contributed food and beverages and guests also enjoyed a full bar and tasty treats like pizza, cold cuts and yummy little sandwiches. In addition to socializing, we also had the pleasure of watching footage from the film and a production still slideshow on the multiple television screens scattered throughout the model, which offers an incredible view of the Las Vegas skyline from the top floor and a cozy nook for private conversations in the basement area.

Although filming may be completed for “Red Herring”, it now faces a 2-3 month editing schedule with a planned release date of fall 2010. In view of all the work still ahead of him, I’m sure by the time the movie premieres producer Josh Cohen will be wishing that process was as simple as making a phone call.


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